The Legend of Angelhawke

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Not made cheap and the overall look of the film is very beautiful.

Recommend this for those looking for a very elegant moving and emotional story about feminism, love, torture and death. Most who watch a movie like this are either hoping for some good sex and gore and can laugh at the plot, or are hoping for a good movie despite the sex and gore. This one succeeds at neither. It is a quality film, shot with more expertise than is typical of the genre but takes itself a little too seriously.

The theme of men having all the power in the s is beaten into the viewer continuously to the point where you wish someone could actually hear you when you say I get it already. I would disagree on the attractiveness of women in the 7os as a few reviewers noted hairy armpits and such. They didn't have Barbie wannabees back then.

Unfortunately the few scenes that actually do show nudity are far from erotic. If you are an ultra-feminist, and don't mind having your own point of view pointed out non-stop then this is the movie for you.

I have never been a fan of the Italian "nunsploitation" genre, as I find the antics of sex-crazed nuns unappealing to me no matter how beautiful the are , but this film, which is one of the first films to give birth to the genre, is more like "Joan Of Arc" than a straight-up exploitation film, and, even though it has its share of exploitative moments, it plays more like a historical drama than it does a nunsploitation film.

Maybe that's why this film seems more like a chronicle of one person's life, told through her eyes, as she witnesses the worst that religion and politics that go hand-in-hand in this film than a sex-laden portrayal of a convent, which most nunsploitation flicks portray. Don't get me wrong; there is plenty of nudity and violence in this film, but the nudity is not there to titillate audiences and the violence is shown to relay to us just how bad it was in 's Europe, especially for women.

When she tries to give aid to a wounded Muslim soldier, her father Diego Michelotti , a general who fought for the other side, decapitates the Muslim soldier and parades around with his head on a pike for all his soldiers to see. To teach Flavia a lesson for showing such insolence, he sends her to a convent in Portugal, where she has her hair sheared off like a sheep would All the convent women's hair is used as hair for the statues of Christ as he is crucified on the cross, which the nuns manufacture.

Women's hair on a holy man's statue. Does anyone see the irony in this? Flavia remains a rebel, for every time she looks at a religious fresco of a saint on one of the convent's wall, she see the image of a Muslim soldier coming to life to lead a battle. The convent gets a visit from the members of the Tarantula Cult, who act crazy one of the head nuns says they act that way because they were bitten by tarantulas! Most of the nuns are repulsed watching these female cult members rubbing their naughty bits with their hands and religious objects, while a few other nuns are converted and join in the sexual shenanigans, baring their breasts and begging for the tarantulas to bite them, too.

Flavia watches Sister Livia Raika Juri , who is her friend, get into some lesbian activity with one of the cult members, but this turns out to be a trap by convent's Mother Superior Jill Pratt; WATCH ME WHEN I KILL - , who lets these loons enter the convent once a year to weed out the bad apprentice nuns, and then tortures the ones who don't follow the Scripture, by stringing them up with rope, making them sit in the hollowed-out carcass of an cow or by tying their hands behind their backs and twisting the rope tighter by using a wooden crucifix, while Mother Superior says, "You must pay for your sins!

Tashi and the Stolen Bus.

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Tashi and the Wicked Magician. You Can Draw Anything. Ariel, Zed and the Secret of Life. Figaro and Rumba and the Cool Cats. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews.

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The Legend of Angelhawke
The Legend of Angelhawke
The Legend of Angelhawke
The Legend of Angelhawke
The Legend of Angelhawke
The Legend of Angelhawke
The Legend of Angelhawke
The Legend of Angelhawke

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