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A prospective, randomized, controlled multicenter trial comparing stapled hemorrhoidopexy and Ferguson hemorrhoidectomy: perioperative and one-year results. Stapled haemorrhoidopexy: extent of tissue excision and clinical implications in the early postoperative period. A comparison of early postoperative results between urgent closed hemorrhoidectomy for prolapsed thrombosed hemorrhoids and elective closed hemorrhoidectomy. J Med Assoc Thai.

As the Migration Crisis Evolves, the Wealthiest Countries Still Aren’t Doing Enough

Effective treatment of haemorrhoids: early complication and late results after consecutive stapled haemorrhoidectomies. Ann Ital Chir. Doppler-guided transanal haemorrhoidal dearterialization for haemorrhoids: results from a multicentre trial. Transanal hemorrhoid dearterialization is a safe and effective outpatient procedure for the treatment of hemorrhoidal disease. Cir Esp. Hemorrhoidal artery ligation HAL and rectoanal repair RAR : retrospective analysis of patients in a single center. Tech Coloproctol. Topical nifedipine with lidocaine ointment versus active control for pain after hemorrhoidectomy: results of a multicentre, prospective, randomized, double-blind study.

Can J Surg. The single pile classification: a new tool for the classification of haemorrhoidal disease and the comparison of treatment results. Updates Surg. Ambulatory haemorrhoidal surgery: systematic literature review and qualitative analysis. LigasureTM hemorrhoidectomy: how we do. Prospective case series of a novel minimally invasive bipolar coagulation system in the treatment of grade I and II internal hemorrhoids.

Surg Innov.

Hypercalcemic crisis: a clinical review. - PubMed - NCBI

Japanese practice guidelines for anal disorders. J Anus Rectum Colon. Specialty: Multispecialty. Log In. Sign Up It's Free! Register Log In. No Results. If you log out, you will be required to enter your username and password the next time you visit. Log out Cancel. Share Email Print Feedback Close. Acute hemorrhoidal crisis Acute hemorrhoidal crisis is a rare event that usually requires emergency treatment.

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The financial crisis - causes & cures

Anatomy of external hemorrhoid. Image courtesy of MedicineNet, Inc.

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Thrombosed hemorrhoid. This hemorrhoid was treated by incision and removal of a clot. This website also contains material copyrighted by 3rd parties.

Is the G-20 Still the World’s Crisis Committee?

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The imbalance is mounting. Six months later the World Bank predicted that the number of poor would rise further in half the developing countries. Among the low-income countries as many as one-third and in the countries south of the Sahara as many as three-quarters would be affected World Bank GMR This means that the Millennium Development Goals faded into the distance for many countries. As a consequence there has already been social unrest in some countries.

The patterns developed differently for each country. The financial and economic crisis of the industrialised States spread to the developing countries primarily via financial flows and through trade. The closer a developing country is coupled with the global economy, the stronger and more rapid the impact of the crisis. It is characteristic of these countries that they already have a highly developed finance sector that is coupled with other countries.


The weaker the regulations in the country, the more susceptible it is to risk. Stock market losses also had a sharp impact on countries like Chile, whose pension funds include shares from the industrialised countries. According to the World Bank, capital flows to the developing countries sank to USD billion in In the previous year they had still amounted to nearly USD 1, billion see table 1. The Institute of International Financeconfirmed the pronounced reverse and in June predicted capital flows in the current year in vigorously emerging markets 28 threshold countries of USD billion, less than half the figure for USD billion and only one-fifth of the flow in which amounted to USD billion IIF Above all, the countries in Eastern Europe, and particularly Russia and Ukraine, were very hard hit.

The withdrawal of foreign capital led to devaluation of currencies in the developing countries. Investors transferred their funds to supposedly lower-risk countries. Poorer economic prospects kept investment plans down. Planned takeovers 5 were postponed or annulled. The credit crunch rendered the financing of such projects increasingly difficult. Table 1: Capital flows to the developing countries, in USD billions. Abbreviation used in the table: e: estimate. In there was even a net withdrawal of credits. Towards the end of taking up loans by governments and private enterprises in developing countries was virtually at a standstill.

There was a notable rise in risk premiums and rates of interest for developing countries on the bond markets. Countries where the proportion of remittances in the capital flow was considerable, such as Central American States and India, were particularly hard hit World Bank ; Awad ; Burki and Mordasini The standstill or reverse in remittances was often coupled with a freeze in engagement of foreign labour or even the repatriation of foreign workers.

According to OECD, should the quantitative targets set for be achieved, the member countries would have to increase their aid even further.

Donor States with substantial budget deficits and mounting public debt downgrade the priority of development aid. The fall in growth in China and India also entailed a drop in their demand for energy and mineral raw materials, particularly from Africa. The 49 poorest developing countries saw their export income reduced by In view of its proximity to the US, Mexico is a significant example. The Bangladeshi monthly growth rates for textile exports decreased until April ; since then they have been negative. In Kenya the central bank warned of a fall in exports of flowers.

The tourist destinations in the Caribbean and Africa were faced with slumps in income. The higher the proportion of exports in the gross domestic product GDP of a country, the harder the impact of dwindling demand during a crisis. A country where a single sector accounts for a high proportion of the economy was particularly susceptible to a clumping risk, as in the case of the Slovak Republic with its automotive industry and Ukraine with its steel industry.

At all events, the impact of the crisis on the poor countries did not hit the headlines the way bank bailouts and toxic securities did. Consequently, some of them are better armed against the crisis than they were on previous occasions.

The G Crisis The G Crisis
The G Crisis The G Crisis
The G Crisis The G Crisis
The G Crisis The G Crisis
The G Crisis The G Crisis

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