Satiated: My Mafioso Boyfriend, Part 5

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Board Game: Gloomhaven [Average Rating Travis Dean. The Golden Camel UberBadge is a mystery. Nobody knows where it came from or how it got there. I probably won't unlock any new character with my retirement, and if so, will be choosing amongst 4 of the base characters for my next character Brute and Mindthief are in use. I'm Spellweaver now so I won't want to play it again.

We just lost the CragHeart and I'm playing Scoundrel in my other campaign, so by process of elimination and wanting to experience the characters, Tinkerer will probably be my choice. On the other hand, we lost Crag Heart and Brute is our only tank, so that has hurt us. This quest was part of exploring the under Gloomhaven sewers.

Stolen Child

This one was pressure plates, but all 4 of us had to be on pressure plates. This is really difficult given how many attacks there are that immobilize us. We tried to sprint towards the goal, but Eventually we got two of us in one room, running around waiting on the other half. As for the other two I shut the top of the suitcase down onto all of the clothes and random stuff piled into it, putting my weight on top to smash it down until it latched shut again, and then lugged it into the living room where Tony was waiting by the door with his keys in hand.

When I strode up next to him with the weight of the suitcase pulling my arm and shoulders towards the ground he grabbed me by the chin and kissed me long and hard.

Before I had time to say anything he was ushering me out the door, and then down the stairwell and out into the street. He threw open the trunk to his black Mercedes — the one he had been driving when I first met him — and took my suitcase from me, hefting it up into the trunk and laying it down on top of his that was already inside. I was still fumbling to buckle my seatbelt.

All four doors of the Cadillac swung open and four well dressed men stepped out. All of them were carrying a piece. I recognized Sal and Jackie, but the other two I had never met before. Their faces were blank and solemn.

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They were the faces of men who were just doing their job, just going about business. That terrified me. When the Cadillac had driven up he already had the keys in the ignition and the engine buzzing, and when Sal and Jackie and the other two men had stepped out into the street he floored the gas pedal and we took off like a rocket, tires squealing and all. I gripped onto the side rest of the chair until my knuckles turned white. Tony was roaring through the city streets, taking corners at full speed like a Formula 1 driver and running red lights. He nearly took out a street sign taking one of the turns.

We just missed it, though I heard a high pitched grating sound as it scraped along the edge of the car. When we had gotten sufficiently far away and after he had worriedly checked the rearview mirror to make sure that no one was following us, he began to drive a little bit more carefully, though definitely still a good bit above the speed limit. I loosened my vice like grip on the arm rest.

Tony, that was Sal and Jackie with those men shooting at us. Those are your friends! What about my apartment? Tom is there! I slumped down in my chair at the thought of all the things I had left behind, and of Tom being left alone in that apartment to fend for himself. By the time my lids grew heavy and started to slide shut on me it was too late and I was out cold. When I woke up the sun was significantly lower in the sky. The car was parked outside of a rest stop in the middle of nowhere and Tony was gently shaking my arm.

I think I see a restroom there around the corner. The bathroom itself was surprisingly clean for a public restroom, and one that was located outside at that. I took care of my business and washed my hands and when I opened the door to leave, Tony was standing there with a mischievous look on his face. He wrapped his hands around my waist and leaned his weight forward into me, causing me to backpedal back into the bathroom.

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He kicked the door shut with his heel and began to kiss me on the lips. I closed my eyes and returned his kiss, my hands grasping his shoulders tightly. A feeling of butterflies slowly twittered and flourished up from my stomach as I realized that this kiss was the first of our new life together. Something about that fact made it infinitely more sweet. Perhaps he knew it as well. Toggle navigation. ADS 6. The study supposedly involved a team of investigators visiting three hospitals in Frankfurt, Germany, and comparing the health of males over a period of five years.

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Satiated: My Mafioso Boyfriend, Part 5 Satiated: My Mafioso Boyfriend, Part 5
Satiated: My Mafioso Boyfriend, Part 5 Satiated: My Mafioso Boyfriend, Part 5
Satiated: My Mafioso Boyfriend, Part 5 Satiated: My Mafioso Boyfriend, Part 5
Satiated: My Mafioso Boyfriend, Part 5 Satiated: My Mafioso Boyfriend, Part 5
Satiated: My Mafioso Boyfriend, Part 5 Satiated: My Mafioso Boyfriend, Part 5
Satiated: My Mafioso Boyfriend, Part 5 Satiated: My Mafioso Boyfriend, Part 5
Satiated: My Mafioso Boyfriend, Part 5 Satiated: My Mafioso Boyfriend, Part 5

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