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The content connector chooses events that occurred in the book and connects that to information learned during the unit. Students determine if the events in the book are accurate according to the other information discussed in class. The Discussion Director leads the discussion using question stems from the Understanding by Design handout. The teacher monitors the group discussions, clarifying for a group when necessary. The teacher should also listen for ideas that should be shared with the entire class. When each group completes their discussion, the teacher leads a class discussion. Each group gives a brief summary of their book so far.

This increases student interest in other books.

Rifles for Watie by Harold Keith Summary & Study Guide

The wizards share words used in their novels. We compare words that are used in the books and identify how these words are social studies words. Each group also shares the connections between events in their novels and information they have learned about the Civil War. The teacher asks groups to share elements of their discussions that will further the understanding of the Civil War for the whole class. This classroom discussion is the heart of the lesson. Students are internalizing events of the Civil War as they read the novels and see events from different points of view.

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They are seeing vocabulary normally found in textbooks used in the context of the story. Most importantly, they are creating their own understanding of the war, as they compare the fictional accounts with the factual information presented to them.

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The discussions are enriched by their knowledge and many viewpoints—Northern, Southern, women, poor farmers, Native American—that are presented in the novels. When students have completed the unit on the Civil War and have finished the novels, they will apply their knowledge of the Civil War and the historical fiction genre.

Students should understand that historical fiction is based on facts and that historical fiction gives us a perspective on those facts. Students will then be given artifact letters from the Civil War period and asked to reply to those letters based on facts they have learned from their study and from a historical perspective that they can choose. Letters should detail information their persona would have and be correct to the perspective they chose.

The guides provide questions and activities based on Blooms Taxonomy that will develop improved understanding, appreciation and literary skills.

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Teachers have used them successfully to develop active readers with whole classes, in reading groups and as enrichment for the gifted. In Stock. Download a Sample.

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Item : ISBN: Grades: Additional Details Publisher: Learning Links. Description from Learning Links The best reproducible study guide to accompany the paperback novel for over 40 years!

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Customer Reviews Powered by TurnTo. Parents may wish to supplement with a grammar or writing program; TLP bridges the gap between knowing grammar and writing and applying it. If basic grammar or writing skills are lacking, supplementing will be necessary. This easy-to-use curriculum is great for homeschooling parents and can be used in a multi-grade setting with a few adjustments. A "planning grid" at the beginning of the book provides a unit-by-unit list of assignments.

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There is one Total Language Plus Teacher's Manual not-included and sold-separately for Grades ; it breaks down the "how's and why's" of each subject, provides a sample lesson plan, offers suggestions for teaching language arts, and includes a short section on writing helps and spelling rules. Students read the chapter s in the book and follow-up by completing the included worksheets or perhaps using a field trip suggestion or hands-on idea.

Daily Flashcard Review activities are a core component of the program, and help students master spelling words through daily practice. It includes six units. Students will write down words to match their correct definitions, use context clues, answer comprehension questions, and more.

One literature guide per quarter is recommended per year depending on speed. This 6-unit study will take a minimum of 6-weeks and probably 8 weeks. Plan to spend about 10 minutes daily approximately pages. Grades Line-listed answer key included in the back of the book. Consumable student workbook and non-reproducible homeschooling parents using a book with multiple children simultaneously excepted.

Lesson Plans Rifles for Watie Lesson Plans Rifles for Watie
Lesson Plans Rifles for Watie Lesson Plans Rifles for Watie
Lesson Plans Rifles for Watie Lesson Plans Rifles for Watie
Lesson Plans Rifles for Watie Lesson Plans Rifles for Watie
Lesson Plans Rifles for Watie Lesson Plans Rifles for Watie

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