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After the spectacle of both of them in the same chair, the princess delivered the transitional oath and then left gracefully. Miguel was presented with the written oath to defend the Constitutional Charter along with a Bible, which caused him " On March 1 some citizens of Lisbon gathered at the palace to acclaim Miguel "Absolute King", infuriating many of the liberal politicians and residents. Invested in his new title of regent, he presented his Ministers of State in the evening: Within a week numerous moderate army officers had been dismissed and the military governors of the provinces replaced, as the Prince and Queen Dowager "cleaned house" of their old enemies and liberalist sympathizers.

On March 13, Miguel dissolved the Cortes without calling new elections, as stipulated in the Constitutional Charter.

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Some municipal councils, many nobles and clergy, [28] and several important citizens requested that the regent revoke the Constitutional Charter and reign as king. This only fueled the divisions between liberals and absolutists. Because of the independence of Brazil, Miguel's supporters considered Miguel to be the legitimate heir to the crown of Portugal.

But Miguel's reign was immediately marked by cruel, almost tyrannical, governance which some attribute to him personally; however some blame the injustices on his subordinates, while others attribute them to the malevolence of Queen Charlotte. Shortly afterwards the military garrison in Oporto revolted, formed a provisional governmental junta , and marched on Coimbra to defend the liberal cause.

But the general in command of these troops was indecisive, and Miguel was able to raise his own troops, create a battalion of volunteers and blockade Oporto. The liberal army escaped to deplorable conditions in Galicia where they awaited the next move. In the former regency's court there were few strong supporters of a constitutional monarchy; Princess Isabella Maria was supported by weak-willed ministers or incompetents and was personally too timid to stand up to Miguel.

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All of Portugal recognized the sovereignty of the monarch, except the islands of Madeira and Terceira ; Madeira was easily subjugated, but Terceira remained faithful to the liberal cause. The excess zeal of his supporters to prosecute the liberals would blacken the reputation of Miguel's regime. On May 7, the members of the rebel garrison of Oporto who had revolted were also executed. In some cases, the local population contributed to these horrors and reprisals, as in Vila Franca da Xira where they assassinated 70 people believed to have liberal sympathies. Although these actions were disapproved of by many of Miguel's ministers, the Count of Basto was not one of them.

Even the Viscount of Queluz , a medic and intimate friend of the Miguel, was exiled to Alfeite for joining the chorus of those who challenged the reprisal killings.

But the Queen Mother continued to support the attacks on liberals, and motivated these actions in order to strengthen the monarchy. Even after she died on 7 April , many atrocities continued to be committed in the name of Miguel, some against foreign nationals who intervened in the politics of Portugal. Eventually Admiral Albin Roussin , was ordered by Louis Philippe I who, like England, could not obtain any diplomatic satisfaction , to take action; he sailed up the Tagus , captured eight Portuguese ships and forcibly imposed a treaty July 14, But, Miguelist reprisals on liberals continued; most sentences were carried out within 24 hours.

The 4th Infantry, in Lisbon, registered 29 executions on August 22 and 23, , alone. Only the island of Terceira in the Azores remained loyal to Queen Maria II ; the constitutional government continued to function there in exile.

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By the liberals had taken over all the islands of the Azores. Peter, after abdicating the imperial crown of Brazil, placed himself at the head of the Liberal Army and from the Azores launched an invasion of northern Portugal, Landing at Mindelo , near Oporto which he quickly occupied.

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But Miguel's army was formidable, composed of the best troops, with dedicated volunteers and enthusiastic militiamen although not, perhaps, the best senior officers. Views Read Edit View history.

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List of titles and honours of the Portuguese Crown. Get to Know Us. Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video. Miguel I nosso rei absoluto" English:. As the defense of Oporto persisted, Miguel resolved to visit his troops in April Napier, after defeating a Miguelist fleet off Cape St.

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Vincent , joined the Duke of Terceira in the north, taking control of the Tagus. Miguel was assisted by the French General Bourmont , who, after the fall of Charles X of France came with many of his legitimist officers to the aid of the king of Portugal that is, Miguel.

Indeed, while each artist interprets a given song in their own way, bringing their own universe into that of :Papercutz, they all do so very respectfully of the original work by retaining much of the layered aspect of songs. These are however for the most part radical reworkings, which see soundscapes developed into lush new ambient forms or retract into spacious drones, while the voice is in turn wrapped in textures and treated as just another sound source, or isolated as primary organic element to increase its impact.

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It is a reflected abstraction that will hold your ear transfixed long after the mirror makers acts.

Remix records are often by their very nature, frustratingly inconsistent, but thankfully Do Outro Lado Do Espello represents a notably coherent and engaging exception. Streaming and Download help. Invention of Love by A Model Kit. Very peaceful and melancholic brice Astonishingly good electronic tunes for a tenner and for a good cause. As well as titans State, Autechre, Plaid, B12, etc Get and enjoy! The Guru Vladimiro Franklin Taxi Driver Alexandre Melo Edit Storyline On an isolated Portuguese island, a nameless man makes a mental journey which brings him into contact with the strange and menacing world without peace and harmony.

Edit Details Country: Portugal. Language: Portuguese.

Runtime: min. Sound Mix: Mono. Color: Color.

Espelhos (Portuguese Edition) Espelhos (Portuguese Edition)
Espelhos (Portuguese Edition) Espelhos (Portuguese Edition)
Espelhos (Portuguese Edition) Espelhos (Portuguese Edition)
Espelhos (Portuguese Edition) Espelhos (Portuguese Edition)
Espelhos (Portuguese Edition) Espelhos (Portuguese Edition)

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