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Don’t go chasing (gas) waterfalls—unless you’re an astronomer studying planet formation Discussion

He leads a fantastical, errant life, but he does so by continually jumping into adventures for beauty, soaking in its pools wherever he can find them. Even if Don Quixote is insane, he causes the rest of us to rethink our sanity. Will you help us remain a refreshing oasis in the increasingly contentious arena of modern discourse? Accessed 31 Oct Summa Theologica , i. In both cases, despite the strongly expressed feelings of regret, it would be impossible for them to completely deny the real good which was present in their earlier lives.

They can only treat their past harshly in relation to their new-found higher ends. It is courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

TLC - Waterfalls (Video Version)

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In a similar manner, before he can begin his expedition, our explorer takes great care to name his horse: He spent four days considering what name to give the nag…he finally decided to call it Rocinante , that is Hackafore , a name which, in his opinion, was lofty and sonorous and expressed what the creature had been when it was a humble hack, before it became what it was now DQ , Leave a Comment. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Tumblr. About the Author: Jacob Terneus.

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Chasing The Don Chasing The Don
Chasing The Don Chasing The Don
Chasing The Don Chasing The Don
Chasing The Don Chasing The Don
Chasing The Don Chasing The Don
Chasing The Don Chasing The Don
Chasing The Don Chasing The Don

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