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This is shown to have badly affected their potential for transforming society. It conveys the cry of anguish which accompanies the exploration of limits—the limits of suffering, bereavement and deprivation. It also provides a valuable insight into the emotional responses of human beings to bereavement and loss of a loved one. High sense of artistic manipulations, elegant and straightforward style, and a strong emotional undercurrent make this story challenging, disturbing and enjoyable.

The story is particularly remarkable in the subtlety of its narrative techniques, and it achieves a certain sophistication of language and depth. Through the framework of comparative analysis of milieus, the story presents a powerful diagnosis of the malady of contemporary urban societies. The story occurs in a dreamlike, nightmarish manner. Realistic descriptions are artistically interspersed with grotesque but memorable occurrences.

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Through these feats, the tensions and contradictions in the present-day world are documented. The story is, in fact, a vehicle for the intensive exploration of modern experience. The didactic message in the story is the creation of a new order among the youths in the contemporary world—the unsettling consequence of disobedience.

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It is a story with a clear sense of direction, insight and intensity. It has something of an allegorical quality that places its relevance beyond its specific temporal, spatial and historical reference. It signposts an image of human nature, specifically at old age. The story captures the essential solitariness of people in old age.

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The story convincingly foregrounds the feeling of an aged man and conveys such a note of incommensurable pathos. It lays bare human condition and the nature of humanity in the modern world. In the story, animal is both a subject and a trope for exploring interpersonal relationships and human experiences in the post-modern world marred by misanthropy, despair, cruelty, absurdity, urban terrorism, disintegration, infidelity, betrayal, misogyny and dissonance. The story is a mixture of the comic and the serious. It is equally grounded in Wordsworthian romanticism.

It is also, subliminally, a story of remembrance and deep-seated experience. It captures the trains of thoughts of a determined woman criss-crossing few moments in her life. It dwells on the ability of the subalterns to stubbornly endure the harsh realities of the society. It also deals, in one way or another, with the vagaries and common viciousness of the malefolk against the womenfolk, most especially the destruction wreaked by patriarchal suppressors. All the arcane, arrogance, barbarity and absurdity of the frustrated and power-drunken are shown in a subtle fashion.

Many of the stories explore fundamentally relevant national issues which have universal import. Historical events have continued to have their impact on Indian literature; therefore, a host of the writers in this anthology are historical witnesses. They delve into the problem of fratricidal wars and conflicts that are ravaging and marring the image and development of most postcolonial countries.

The writers recreate wars as a cataclysmic phenomenon. Most of the stories fictionalize numerous violent historical circumstances in India and across the world. However, they utilize an arsenal of storytelling techniques to make violence palatable. The stories have very close intertextual links with a host of short-story traditions across the globe—Kathasaritasagara, the panchatantra, the Jataka tales, folklore, legends and the like. However, the stories in this collection are mostly built on strong indigenous foundations, and there is also the literary impact of the West, particularly of English short story.

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This anthology has also confirmed the validity of the perception that the new generation of Indo-Anglian short story writers are remarkably different in thematic preoccupations, vision, style, tone, mood, ideological dispositions and worldview from the older generation. Actually, the new generation of Indo-Anglian short story writers are very versatile in their thematic preoccupations and more global in their vision and style. The stories in this anthology provide abundant evidence of the contrasts and diversities which characterize Indo-Anglian short stories, not only geographically, but also ideologically and generationally.

The stories are a marvellous and entertaining introduction to the rich diversity of pleasures that the Indo-Anglian short story can offer.

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Altogether, the stories are a pleasure to read; their enduring brilliance lies in the subtle choice of words for the subjects the writers treat. Most of the writers, in their creative endeavours, tap the resources of the orature in their culture.

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The maturity of their explorations of the oral tradition comes through in this anthology. The writers are in control of their medium, and their stories range from the playful to the satirical. The narrative is cross-woven with traditional idioms and language. Most of them recreate and celebrate Indian mythology and values.

They offer a gripping insight into the human heart and the human condition, particularly in the context of socio-economic realities, most especially oppressions that are chiefly inflicted by the agents of terrorists and those suffered by women in traditionally patriarchal cultures. In fact, the stories provide a roadmap of events in India in every sphere of life. In sum, this anthology proves a valuable addition to the shelves of collections of Indo-Anglian short stories. It has undoubtedly and adequately provided how adaptable a genre the short story is. For their superb breaths and tones, for their styles and subjects, these stories are exciting.

The anthology has illustrated the diversity of techniques and conceptual emphases to be found within the category of Indo-Anglian short story.

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The kind of serious attention and finesse that goes into collecting these stories is an indication of the significance that Professor K. Dominic, a creative artist, a literary critic and a scholar par excellence, attaches to Indo-Anglian literature.

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  7. This anthology has revealed that Dominic is an astute, deeply informed critic and theorist of postcolonial literature, in addition to being a quintessential scholar and a distinguished member of the literati. Anybody who wants to appreciate the literary direction in Indo-Anglian short story, in terms of its technique, styles and thematic preoccupations, must read these stories.

    Work Cited Dominc, K. New Delhi: Sarup Book Publishers, So, what's this about? Join us! Get this theme! WordPress Anniversary Theme Prof. K V Dominic. Raichel M. Dominic The Poetic Art of T. Reddy: New Perspectives Edited by K. These Alfred Dunner pants can also work for women of various sizes and body types. For a comfortable and casual look, go with khaki chinos like these from Target.

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    Casual Women A Short Story Casual Women A Short Story
    Casual Women A Short Story Casual Women A Short Story
    Casual Women A Short Story Casual Women A Short Story
    Casual Women A Short Story Casual Women A Short Story
    Casual Women A Short Story Casual Women A Short Story

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